Friday, 22 November 2013


OuUnPo session in Gibellina, Sicily in spring 2014. 

OuUnPoïesis forms a chapter of a broader research on “Catastrophe & Heritage” that OuUnPo has undertaken in 2012 with sessions in Beirut (2012) and Tokyo-Yokohama (2013). The session in Gibellina will be dedicated to investigate the conditions of collective performance in the very specific context of Gibellina.

The Session is organised by Raffaella della Olga and Claudia Squitieri. More info soon. 

OuUnPoïesis is in collaboration with Fondazione Orestiadi

To find out about OuUnPo click here.



OuUnPoïesis Vol.12 

Will have four very specific goals :

1) Elaborate a collective performance *in situ* on the Sistema delle Piazze (arch. Purini & Thermes)
2) Plan a collective performance for the Sao Paulo session 
3) Continue exploring our topic of Catastrophe & Heritage in such a emblematic place as Gibellina 
4) Introduce the forthcoming Swedish session (Elena Nemkova & Stephen Whitmarsh)

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